The Convenience of Digital Dictation

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Earning money from home transcription services is now made more convenient with the use of digital dictation equipment.  Gone are the days when a transcriber needs to go to a client to pickup cassettes of audio material to be transcribed.  Travel time and transportation costs are eliminated, making it easier and faster for transcriptionists to do their job.  New equipment now enables transcriptionists to work on their material anytime they want to in the comfort of their own homes.  Transcription work is no longer limited by proximity.  You can actually take advantage of transcription opportunities even when your employer is clear across the globe.  

Transcribing from a digital audio format is a lot better than transcribing from traditional cassettes.  In fact, transcriptionists have found that the sound recorded using these modern equipment are clearer.  This results in more accurate and speedier transcription.  It is also much easier to electronically transfer files in digital audio format.  This allows you to download the audio files from wherever you are anytime you need to work on your material.  Digital dictation can also be used with other equipment and digital transcription software that is often used with the help of a foot pedal.

You can now start your own home transcription services business without worrying about having the time and resources to meet up with clients and pick up your audio material.  You can do everything online – from getting transcription jobs to downloading your audio files, to actual transcription and uploading of transcribed text.  A lot of businesses look for service providers for their transcription needs online.  There are classifieds specifically intended for transcriptionists online.  A lot of these transcription jobs involve work that does not require medical or legal know-how.  Contrary to popular notion, medical and legal transcription jobs are not the only transcription jobs around.  General transcription jobs are easier to get into as you do not need to learn any medical or legal terminologies.  You also do not need to spend much money to start your own general transcription services business.  Excellent mastery of the English language, sharp listening skills, accurate and reliable typing skills, and a fast internet connection will be your investment in this business.  It is easy to learn how to become a transcriptionist from home without knowing medical terminology and without specialized training.

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The Convenience of Digital Dictation

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This article was published on 2010/09/24