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DVD Transcription is a new niche in the transcription marketplace. It is also a niche not many transcription services are offering.

It can take special software and/or hardware to convert DVDs into a format that can be used in a transcriptionists transcribing equipment.

There are several ways to go about converting these files. One way is to use a transcription software program that would allow you to actually see the video as you transcribe it. This can be especially helpful in transcribing a larger group where it is difficult to differentiate between the voices.

Another simple way to transcribe DVDs is to use a software that allows you to rip the audio from the DVD and then the transcriptionist can transcribe from any regular audio transcription software.

So what types of clients need DVD transcription services? Law enforcement agencies are probably one of the biggest markets for this type of service. They almost always video record their suspect and witness interviews. These can be quite lengthy, lasting several hours.

Most services that offer oral history transcription offer the DVD option as well because many of those conducting oral history interviews use video rather than just audio because it adds so much value to the interview. Imagine being able to see the person, as well as hear them years down the line when the person may no longer be alive. It is a true treasure for us to have their actual video image, voice and transcript to have as a permanent record.

The entertainment industry is another big market for this service. They will often submit DVDs for their entertainment transcription needs. The transcription service can then insert B Rolls and other time code information into the transcripts.

Since video files are larger than audio files, sometimes the DVDs will need to be mailed to the service for processing. If the files are not too large they may still be able to be sent over a file transfer service.

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Dvd Transcription Services

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This article was published on 2011/01/02